You can rely on SurePoint Restoration to guide you through every step of your project. We take pride in providing our customers with expert advice through all  phases of work. And although we think modern, our team is traditionally trained and is dedicated to high-quality workmanship.

Our high quality restoration services at a glance

SurePoint Restoration delivers a wide range of services related to restoration and renovation. We list just a selection here. You can call us on 07444545626 or use our simple contact form to find out more.

  • Chemical Cleaning The chemical cleaning method is mainly used on brick and sometimes on stone and there is no damage sustained to the brick and stonework when the chemical cleaning process is used.


  • Pointing All brickwork and stonework would need to be re-pointed at some time in its life. Various signs start to show when the old pointing starts to deteriorate, even falling out, causing damp inside the property.


  • Silicone Sealing Colourless water-repellent liquids are intended to improve the resistance to rain penetration of brickwork, stonework and even roofs without appreciably changing their appearance. The Silicone treatment also lines the pores with a water-repellent material which inhibits capillary absorption, so that water does not sink into the surface, so preventing moss growth.
  • Moss Removal and Treatment Mosses, lichen and algae disfigure facing bricks and are a contributory factor to spalling of brickwork and concrete. In addition they cause erosion of the mortar joints. Like all plant life, they hold and attract moisture, storing it within the brickwork or surface on which they are growing, giving rise to problems of water penetration


  • Brick / Stone Repairs The repair usually involves cleaning ingrained pollution from these substrates, and coating in a bonding solution before our Finisher will repair the damaged bricks with a three-part filler system, designed to replace the missing segments in preparation to receive the final colour coating. Depending on the depth of the damage, the repair may be built up in a succession of layers, being shaped as the work proceeds.Because our Finishers have been trained to colour-match, they are able to  replicate the original tone and colour of the original bricks.


  • Brick Replacement We can remove damaged brick/stone from a variety of substrates and have a good standing with suppliers both local and further afield to ensure an exact match of the new brick to the existing, SurePoint Restoration can then match the colour of the pointing to suit mildly weathered pointing to ensure consistency of colour. We aim to replace the damaged brick in as an inconspicuous way as possible.


  • Other services are availible please contact for more details.

Picture gallery: just a few of the services that we provide

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